Description of item bill no: 15/9

Problem solving Ability Test

Youth Problem Inventor

Reasoning Ability Test

Silent Reading Comp Test

Achievement test for Maths

Adjustment inv

Bell’s Adjustment inv

Personality Adjustment inv

Jib Anxiety Scale

Anxiety Scale

Security in Security inv

Depression inv

National Integration Attitude inv

Risk tracking Questionnaire

Educational interest Records

Vocational Interest inv

Multidimensional Personality inv

Multivariable Personality inv

General mental ability test for adult

Gr test of intelligence Jalota

Sentence completion test

Job Satisfaction

Self concept scale

Verbal concept formation test

Non-verbal concept formation test

Vocational maturity scale

Socio-economic status scale

Eight value test

A new test of value

Clark parent children relationship

Rating scale

Ranking scale

Immediate memory

Long term memory

Short term memory

Mental fatigue test sheets

TAT-uma choudhary

Non-verbal intelligence test

David battery of different questionnaire

16 PF Questionnaire

Tachisto scope card

Clinical case study-vibha sharma

Mirror drawing App elect

Human maze elect

Finger maze elect

Tachisto scope

Memory drum hand opperated

Finger dexlerity board

Bhatia Battery performance test of intelligence

Weschler intelligence scale for Indian children

Attention Board-elect

Self perception inventory

Emotional intelligence

Raven’s standard progressive matrics (10 Nos)

Raven manual section-3 with scoring key-1 set

Bhatia’s Performance test of intelligence(5 sub test)

Instructions for the Administration of Bhatia’s battery of performance test

Mechanical aptitude test battery (1 set)-850

Concept formation test-240

Multidimensional motivation inventory-235

Level of Aspiration-250

Educational aspiration scale-205

Occupational aspiration scale-205

Learning environmental inventory-180



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